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EYEWEAR DISTRIBUTORS INCORPORATED (formally Leonachi, Inc). Is still scamming and importing and exporting fake eyewear and sunwear. They switched the company name in January of 2012 because of being caught by ICE, as well as for being known as the indutry's top counterfeiters. They have been known to illegally import and distribute counterfeit eyewear and sunwear for such brands as: Rayban, Prada, Oakley, etc.

They also distribute brands such as Levis, Donald Trump, etc., but they actually steal the manufacturers frames and duplicate them in China shorting the manufacturer. Jorge, George's father, the founder of Leonachi did the exact same thing and now he's in hiding in Brazil.


4829 NW 72 AVE

MIAMI FL 33166

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Leonachi - Beware of Fraud in the Eyewear Industry

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Sells fake Rayban sunglasses. Beware, it is a father and son theft team, one of the worst in Miami. He has been investigated by ICE, call Luxottica in Long Island for varification....Ask for Jon Stewart, lead fraud investigator. We are talking wire fraud, counterfieting, theft, you name it these guys do it.

The father, Jorge Ujeta has fled to Brazil, but still operates as Leonachi Brazil. His son George, his wife and his mother continue the fraudulent operation.

He has scammed many! Some upwords of 100K+ He is also a distributor of branded eyewear in the caribbean and Latin America. He steals the trademarks and manufactures cheap replicas possing as a ligitimate distributor.

Be aware, do not do business with these people! They are the worst in Miami, and that's saying alot!

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Leonachi, Inc. in Miami sold me fake goods

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Leonachi, Inc. sold me fake rayban sunglasses, hundreds of thousands worth.

Please everyone, be very aware. Fortunately, ICE and the fraud investigators at Luxottica stepped in and put a stop to it, however he's still in business pending his trial. It is a father and son scam team named Jorge and George Ujeta. He has hurt other people I know in South Africa, Asia, South America and right her in the U.S.

The investigation showed he bought real molds in Italy and shipped them to China in order to produce these high-level counterfiets. Unfortunately, the lenses are of poor quality and can not pass U.S. drop ball testing and are deemed not only counterfiet, but unsafe. The address of this company is: 4829 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL.

Jorge, the father of George is hiding in Brazil in order to avoid prosecution. To varify this please call Luxottica at there Port Washington, NY location.

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Monetary Loss: $500.

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